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With a team trained and integrated, offers to national and international markets a package of solutions in the advisory and operational support linked to business management.


With a successful career in multinational organizations and on the Brazilian scenario of excessive taxation, the partners started up Bahia, Kosio & Business Associates Consulting in order to develop and provide the market a differentiated form of “tax engineering” dedicated to strategic planning to reduce this tax burden of companies.

Born Bahia & Kosio Accounting Advice, in the face of marketing continuous changes linked to strategic needs of large corporations to centralize the work of tax, financial and accounting of its core business in specialized companies.

Already integrating the role of companies specializing in business consulting and advisory services, Bahia Associates Group extends its range of services, constituting the Bahia & special projects management and Almeida Bahia Administrative Activities of management control, seeking the best results and maximizing the satisfaction of our customers.

With the evolution acceptance and growth of our 4 companies, we had the need of a better identification form towards the market. At this moment we are proud to present our Brand created by us “Bahia Associates Group”.

was created and is searching for updated Technologies that can be applied to the Brazilian Market and is already achieving outstanding results. The business globalization tendency increment was identified as a strategic Market opportunity due to the internal market needs and the specific and detailed rules of Brazilian Tax Code. Our advantage: we have decades of experience in advisory and consultancy along dozens of Multinational Customers.

The Bahia Associates Group using a dynamic and realistic vision of the market outlook without leaving aside the entrepreneurial approach constitutes Bahia PME that will support the activities of medium and small companies. Applying an approach focused to business management and with technical support focused on the client .

  • Reference in consulting, advisory and operational support;

  • Providing business management solutions package designed and defined exclusively to meet the specific needs of each customer;

  • Integrated Team and trained;

  • Know-how;

  • Experience of over 12 years serving in various customer segments;

  • Fast, consistent and qualified Service;

  • Dynamic and effective Communication;

  • Constant updating.


With the identification with the market of the need to reduce costs through the implementation of automatic processes to control and manage expenses and operating costs of companies, reducing waste and increasing productivity; aggravated by the need for infrastructure diversification due to the increase of employees in different plants, remote sites and home office regime, The Bahia Associados Group formed Bahia Automation








Inspired by values and guided by the vision of the Bahia Associates Group with internal policies express the commitment to ethics in the relationship with customers, employees and suppliers, and are everyday tools that guide actions and decisions, guaranteeing uniqueness for all companies of the group.
Internal policies must be followed by the collaborators, serving as guidance to partners.
The Bahia Associates Group with their policies expected to serve, in addition to a source of information, inspiration, healthy relations, impartial, transparent and respect for people, the diversity and the environment.
To learn more, understand and use internal policies please visit the links below:

  • Code of conduct

  • Quality policy

  • Integration policy


The Bahia Group has over 16 years of experience in various segments, such as:


  • Industrial;

  • Commercial;

  • Provision of services;

  • Automotive;

  • Family businesses;

  • Energy;

  • Engineering and construction;

  • Financial;

  • Infrastructure and major projects;

  • Mining;

  • Oil and gas;

  • Retail and consumption;

  • E-commerce;

  • Chemical and petrochemical;

  • Health;

  • Metallurgy;

  • Technology and information;

  • Communication and telecommunication;

  • Entertainment;

  • Among others.

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