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  • Tax and corporate law planning;

  • Analysis and implementation of policies and procedures related to managerial, administrative and financial controls;

  • Identification, recommendations and suggestions of organizational and business improvement based on review of reports: cash flow, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, costs, structure of production, procurement, sales and logistics;

  • Search for national and international financial resources;

  • Training, consulting, tax and business consultancy specialized in:

→ Direct and indirect taxes;

→ Tax credits (IPI, ICMS, PIS and COFINS);
→ Innovation law;
→ Special Regimes (drawback, PPB-basic productive process, RECOF- Customs Procedure of Industrial Bonded Warehousing under Computerized Control, REPETRO, etc.);
→ Transfer price;
→ Ex-tariff;
→ REINTREGA (Special Regulation for Reintegration of Tax Values for Exporting Companies);
→ Free Zone;
→ Logistics Evaluation.


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