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Blue Print

Project management, since the detailed elaboration of investment plan to the valuation of each planning step, through the refund schedule, with the following supports:

  • Identification, streamlining and targeting of resources;

  • Period of quality;

  • Support in the preparation and approval of projects aimed to the qualification of the credit line – BNDES FINAME (Financing Division Bank);

  • Corporate Organization Legal and Paralegal:
    → Opening and writing off companies;
    → Corporate Changes;
    → Spin-off, merger, Incorporation and transformation of companies;
    → QSA (Qualification of Shareholders and Administrators) update;
    → License in RADAR (the System for Registration and Track-down of Customs Agents’ Activities) System;
    → Registration Regularization;
    → Proceedings Record;
    → Opening for State Secondary Registration.

  • Project management;
    → Industrial implementation projects.

  • Corporate Management:
    → Issuance, renewal and monitoring of:
    – Operating Permits, location, installation, among others;
    – AVCB (Fire Department Inspection Certificate);
    – Environmental permits, sanitary, of the army, Civil Police, Federal Police, among others;
    – Update along to the regional councils (CRC, CRA, CREA, and others);
    – Certificates;
    – Support in the survey of information for bids;
    – Contacts with public agencies and entities.


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